Road safety and education for young people

Research and Design for Road Safety and Behavioural Change

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The project “Giovani, indicateci la strada!” has been funded by Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri of Italian Government and promoted by Dipartimento Gioventù e Servizio civile nazionale according to the road safety announcement ( The project aims to design an empowerment model and the related edutainment methodology based on user experience analysis. The following activities have been carried out by BSD team thanks to several engagement activities:

  • students and teachers meetings at school
  • creation of entertainment events aimed at raising awareness on the topic
  • creation of a digital community based on leading social networks
  • creative online contest management
  • well-formed research on the state of road safety among young people.

Merging the data collected and the analysis’ results has been created and tested an innovative edutainment methodology based on games to adopt in schools or similar contexts.