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interaction design

“The worst misstep one can make in design is to solve the wrong problem.”
- cit. John Carroll


Complex systems, such as those in the manufacturing, transport, IoT domains, are featured by critical interactions among people, technologies, machines and contexts.

Timelapse allows to analyse and design complex systems interactions by modeling each stage of the product lifecycle by detailing human-machine interaction (HMI) and the digital and physical interfaces of the system itself.

Timelapse is an interaction design method which allow to:

  • describe the product lifecycle user experience including each stage model-based and task-and-scenario-based descriptions
  • carry out service, interaction and user interface design for the entire product lifecycle considered in the socio-technical system it owns, from sales, to production, to obsolescence management and retrofit.


Timelapse results in a human-machine interaction design based on a comprehensive model of:

  • product lifecyle
  • product as system
  • software logics
  • user experience

in order to provide a conceptual and operational support for complex systems interaction design and product design.

Timelapse allows to focus on critical areas in product development, by mean of:

  • general overview of the system;
  • focus on potential conflicts and overlaps;
  • support to project stakeholder dialogue;
  • support to new ideas generation.

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