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organizational change

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
- cit. Sir Winston Churchill


SmartResilience is a change management methodology based on a people-centric approach. The product is a path based on research, involvement, diagnosis and design. SmartResilience is a structured service that adds analysis, on field research, consultancy and managerial support. The SmartResilience product starts from the analysis of the main characteristics of the organisation (company, departments, locations, buildings…) and of the main aspects related to organisational well-being. Data and information are managed involving the customers’ decision makers, in a participative process based on the development of a virtual and physical community in which people are engaged in a proactive change management process, with a continuous exchange of visions, thoughts and ideas in an innovative and pervasive process of people involvement. The outcome of this activity includes the support of the customer organisation in a process of change, through a definition of change guidelines and through the design of actions aimed to pursue economical, technical and social results, enhancing the role of people as main actors of the change process.


The result of SmartResilience application is a re-action to the Change, as Resilience by organisation and particularly by its psycho-social dimension. This goal is achieved by a Research that allows to describe the way people used to live the Change. Another result is people involvement by implementation and management of a digital community; this is a key to improve organisational empowerment paths. Finally SmartResilience delivers guidelines and a planning to manage the Change to face.

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