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Involvement and Research

“Research is creating new knowledge”.
- cit. Neil Armstrong


Involve is an organizational development methodology aimed at sustaining users involvement and active participation through research and engagement actions. It can be used in companies and projects dissemination processes, in service delivery processes, in collaborative processes and in the creation and management of communities inside public and private companies and networks of enterprises. It is a way to organise and develop collaboration and community management through a deep process of users involvement and users research with the aim to launch a change process based on people needs and behaviors in order to obtain business and social performance results.


Involve method results are measured through a specific set of KPIs aimed to evaluate engagement rate and participation to the activities of the communities. Involved users, reach and active participation to on-line and off-line events, knowledge and content sharing, content readings and recurrent interactions are the basic ways to maintain and develop relations with customers, with suppliers and with the main stakeholders. The goal of involvement and engagement is to maximize business results in terms of increased revenues and reduced costs.

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